Our team is dedicated to providing personal, hands-on service in every project we undertake. Although the firm handles large jobs - like regional hospital centers - our company assures that there are experts on site.

Here's a brief introduction.

John Putnam established EDDI in 1990 to provide sophisticated, technically advanced environmental services. John is highly respected as an industry leader, frequently chairing technical committees of his peers and authoring white papers. His undergraduate studies concentrated in electrical engineering and applied sciences, and he holds a masters degree in technology management. Unlike many executives who run their business from a desk, John Putnam leads his team in the field, providing personal attention to his clients and upholding his standards of precision. The Putnams are a close-knit family who love to travel and restore antique cars.

Bill Holland is committed to providing the highest level of service to EDDI's clients. According to Bill, "The secret to EDDI's success is a reputation for quality and compliance." Bill has an impressive record of public and private sector contracting, coupled with a keen interest in the merger of CAD and UVGI technologies. His college major was environmental management and he is a LEED Accredited Professional and holds a HERS RTiN. Bill enjoys field work on EDDI job sites, and prepares EDDI's technical proposals and reports. Bill’s hobbies involve fast cars, exotic cuisine and his mischievous dog.

Kristen Bacorn is one of the nation's top environmental experts. As an architectural consultant, she has worked on hundreds of green projects, particularly large constructions for Fortune 500 clients. Kristen studied architecture and environmental science at CCNY and Harvard, and now shares her expertise as a teacher at State University of NY and guest expert on TV and radio. She frequently addresses Javits Center conventions and the United Nations. Kristen enjoys meeting new people and especially likes mentoring young people entering the environmental field.

"Ultra-violet light, which we use daily in our practice instead of chemicals, is embraced in countries around the world - except the U.S.! I'm dedicated to making this technology universal in our home country."

Bill Holland

Healthcare associated infections cause as many deaths as AIDS, breast cancer, and auto accidents combined, according to Centers for Disease Control. IEQhealth is dedicated to sanitizing air and water to prevent healthcare-related casualties.

"My greatest reward has been helping clients over the decades to achieve environmental integrity in their facilities. Health and well-being are dynamic, and we keep our clients in the forefront of new technology as it develops." John Putnam

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