Our Services

IEQhealth performs complete indoor environmental services, including advanced technologies like ultra-violet germicidal irradiation. We also test and certify for compliance to guidelines and regulatory standards, such as ANSI / ASHRAE / ASHE Standard 170-2013 Ventilation of Health Care Facilities. 

  • Germicidal UV Disinfection-

​         Air & Surface and​ HVAC Units

         Portable Terminal Cleaning

  • ​DHW copper & silver purification​
  • Duct & Thermal Barrier Leakage
  • Thermal imaging

        Moisture & Mold inspections

  • Microbial & infestation remediation
  • Lead RRP Certified (40 CFR - 745)
  • Energy Star Portfolio Manager for Hospitals services, VA SWaM Cert. #686571​
  • HVAC Energy Efficiency improvement
  • The Joint Commission (TJC) compliance preparation
  • ASHRAE-accredited HFDP services (Healthcare Facility Design Professional)
  • Ventilation Compliance of critical care units and support spaces to include isolation rooms, surgical suites, and pharmacies​​
  • USP 797 pharmacy compliance 
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluation
  • Moisture intrusion testing, remediation, & disinfection
  • Air or surface VOC & microbial testing
  • Air handler germicidal UV installation
  • Testing & balancing (TAB) HVAC systems
  • Energy auditing, building diagnostics, & forensics
  • Multi-family commercial HERS rating 
  • LEED® commissioning & certification

Healthcare Services

Environment of care

Commercial & Industrial

Disaster Recovery

Air Disinfection in HVAC Systems

Upper Room UVGI

Germicidal ultraviolet for the ventilation system disinfects all air passing through the air handler, eliminating mold, mildew and other microbial growth on HVAC coils. This improves energy efficiency and reduces maintenance cost.

The entire upper room is used as a disinfecting chamber, with vertical convection currents moving air out of the breathing zone to be disinfected in the upper air. This is a low cost slution that provides immediately improved IEQ and contagion control.

After water intrusions or disaster, we provide commercial drying and moisture removal to prevent mold and bacterial growth. Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants provide best practices remediation oversight.